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Take an unlimited number of text/csv files, and combine them into one!

File Combiner

File Combiner lets you combine unlimited text (.txt) or CSV (.csv) files into one file. If you're struggling with copy and paste, weird import settings in Microsoft Excel, or other problems, the File Combiner is your answer! It also supports Windows (2000/XP/Vista/7) and Mac OS X. Just make a single file, and import that consistently.

Features in File Combiner 3.1

Combine Files. Take Many Text and CSV Files, and create a single file, for rapid import into your favorite analysis software.

Skip first line in all files except first. In cases where you have many files, all generated from the same source, you may have the same header line at the top of each file. File Combiner allows you to combine all of these files into a single new file, with just a single header row!

Add input file name to each row in output file. Sometimes the filename contains information that you want to preserve in your final file. This option combines all the contents of the files you specify, and then adds a single column to each line. This column contains the source filename. So useful!

Reload last session. Quickly get going again -- if you close and reopen the application, it remembers your choices for input folder, output folder and other settings, saving you precious time!

Cross-platform. Identical behavior on Windows and Mac OS X.

Combines an unlimited number of files. Limited only by your computer's memory.