Can I try before I buy?

Yes! Download and install File Combiner. When asked for the license key, you can say "Trial Mode" which will combine up to 3 files at once. When you are satisfied with how it works, Buy File Combiner and enter the key when you next open the program. Now, File Combiner will combine an unlimited number of files.

What File Types can File Combiner work with?

File Combiner can combine .txt and .csv files with ease. If you need to combine other file types, let us know and we can quickly adapt our program.

What do you mean by "combine"?

File Combiner puts the contents of one after the other, in a new file. See our diagrams on the home page.

Can I import the resulting file into Excel?

Yes, of course.

Is there a limit to the number of files this app can combine?

Once you purchase your license key, File Combiner is only limited by your computer's memory.

What types of computers?

It runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux. (Contact us for the Linux version.)

Does it support CSV files?

Yes, CSV files are just text files with commas that separate columns of values.

How do I uninstall File Combiner?

On Mac: Simply search for and delete the "File" file from your computer, and File Combiner is now uninstalled.

On Windows: Select "Uninstall File Combiner" from your Add/Remove Programs Menu and File Combiner is now uninstalled.

I have more questions!

Please contact us, we are happy to help.